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Hello There

Welcome to my architectural portfolio. This collection of work is a reflection of my time spent in the Architectural Technology program at George Brown and my first few steps into the field of architecture. This education has served as a solid foundation, exposing me to a range of different techniques and approaches to the design process. Projects over the past couple of years have focused on a variety of situations from residential homes, mixed use developments or industrial warehouse/office projects, each exploring unique themes and obstacles. These have allowed me to explore and build upon my own experiences in understanding and working through developing architectural spaces and navigating through their complexities. Projects based on realistic situations have encouraged me and increased my awareness of cultural, social and environmental issues, specifically around sustainable design. I am looking forward to adding many new and exciting projects in the future and beyond graduation.

Museum (Concept)
Discovery Centre (Concept)
Residential (Concept)
Condo (Concept)
Basement Reno (Complete)
Models and Drawing
Warehouse/Office (Concept)
Residential/Retail (Concept)
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